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On the market: Excellent Woodblock Remake regarding the Dream of this Fisherman’s Wife Print

On the market: Excellent Woodblock Remake regarding the Dream of this Fisherman’s Wife Print

Finally…we are particularly delighted to announce – when it comes to first-time in over 100 years – a fresh genuine woodblock reproduction of Hokusai’s acclaimed The Dream for the Fisherman’s Wife of 1814. This remake that is unique produced by Yuuya Shimoi, that is mostly of the professional woodcut craftsmen employed in Japan today.

‘The Dream regarding the Fisherman’s Wife Print on the market‘ (2018)


Shimoi made new blocks and painstakingly created, carved and printed it when you look at the manner that is traditional one block for every single color. It really is their fantasy to allow the modern fans go through the authentic sense of the ukiyo-e prints from the Edo duration, and not simply to see them as ornamental product.

Green and Pink

This elaborate remake really shows the entire authentic feel associated with the initial including all of the features with exemplary green and coloring that is pink. The used pigments, in this full case, sumi, turmeric, indigo, sufflower red and aobanagami, were very very very carefully chosen.

Elaborate Analysis

Most of the authentic materials because found in the Edo duration already disappeared with no conventional craftsman working in Japanese woodblock images today has inherited this. Because of this, the contemporary printing manufacturer has got to elaborately research these types of details and produce them himself.

Original Possibility

Few reproductions of Hokusai’s iconic image are understood. Years back i stumbled upon one through the Meiji age (1868-1912) and also the seller had connected a hefty cost to it (near to $3000,-!). But in terms of we understand, maybe not a different one is produced in the century that is last. Which means this will likely be an unique chance of you to definitely finally get one.

Rear first state

The image size with this reproduction that is amazing near to the original one. Image dimensions are 7 x that is 1/3 1/4? ins (18,7 x 13,4cm). Total size (including margin): 11 2/5? x 8 4/5? ins (29 x 22cm).

Two Editions

It will likely be granted in two editions; one of the primary state (using more costly materials approaching the first much more) and a 2nd state. The printing into the above images may be the state version that is second. The task is printed on Japanese washi paper.

The cost when what is a mail order wife it comes to state that is first (Sold Out*) and also the second state $250,-/€225,- (Nevertheless available!)

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Scene through the effective t.v. series ‘Mad guys

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